If you’re the recipient of Medicare, you may be able to access  back, leg, knee, and ankle braces that are fully covered by your insurance plan. The team at Affinity Medical Supplies can help match you to a brace that is covered by your Medicare insurance.

We offer innovative products that will directly enhance your quality of life.
From back and leg pain to injury recovery, our non-surgical solutions are comfortable, easy to use, and durable.

Do You Need An
Effective Medical Brace?

As we get older, life sometimes seems to outpace us. Staying active can prove difficult at times, especially when you begin to suffer from unexplained body aches and pains. Recovering from an injury can also be hard, and the patience required often adds additional mental distress.

Whether it’s a nagging pain in your arm, leg, back or knee…without some type of support, these body pains will continue to have a serious impact on your everyday life…

The right medical support device can offer long term assistance, helping you to maintain or return to a more physical lifestyle.

Our Products

We sell top quality, state-of-the-art ARYSE braces. Using their signature exo-performance technology, ARYSE braces mimic and strengthen the way the body works. These braces are designed to imitate the body’s natural movement, while at the same time offering support for a dynamic range of motion. They are easily adjustable and provide long-lasting stability. Using a quality brace will give you extra support, allowing you increased mobility.


Features controlled range-of-motion (ROM) positions to provide support for injury recovery.


Features a single-pull compression system that provides support for prophylactic protection.


The patent-pending ARYSE METFORCE WRIST features a hinged, malleable frame.


Utilizes air and gel bladders for cold therapy while evenly distributing pressure.


Features multiple range-of-motion (ROM) positions to provide support.


The ​SFAST is a simple, patented, innovative solution to shoulder joint instability.


Do you need effective pain relief but are worried about the cost? You might be covered by Medicare to receive pain reliever braces that will help you add more physical activity into your daily routine.Our team has years of experience in orthopedic support and will help you find a solution that is tailored directly to your needs.

Contact us today at 1.866.918.0780 for pricing and to see if you are eligible.